The Feel

Fabric that speaks comfort.

Our journey to ultimate comfort begins with the cotton. Westerly blankets are carefully crafted from a blend of 58% premium cotton fibers, 35% acrylic, and 7% polyester. This unique composition ensures a plush, soft feel that's remarkably warm yet lightweight.

Designed for repeated washing, our blankets resist shrinking, pilling, and static. Experience the luxury of natural cotton and lasting quality in every Westerly blanket.

The Yarn

Our yarns are sustainably produced and sourced from suppliers who are Global Recycle Certified (GRS) suppliers. We use only the highest quality products made up of pure and blended yarns from natural and synthetic fibers. Our materials are also OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, which ensures that every component of our product, from the fabric to the thread, has been rigorously tested for harmful substances to protect your health. We take this seriously and want to make sure our products are sustainable, non-toxic and of the highest quality.

The Weaving

Unlike printed or dyed designs, Westerly blankets boast an exclusive woven craftsmanship from Germany. Individual yarns, intricately twisted and fed into Jacquard looms, ensure that soft cotton embraces your skin, while the fill fiber adds durability, preventing yarn breakage. This unique weave guarantees your Westerly blanket's longevity—lasting a lifetime and always retaining its initial charm.

The Napping

We elevate softness to an art form.

Our blankets undergo a meticulous process known as napping or “roughing up”, where fibers are delicately lifted from the surface using specialized rollers with metal points or burrs. Each blanket passes through the process many times ensuring that the blankets are soft and lush.

Each Westerly blanket is unique, displaying different textures and finishes based on its colors and patterns. After weaving, a team member personally feels each roll of fabric to adjust the fluffiness to match the yarn's response. Some Westerly’s boast a plush, fluffy feel, while others feature a smooth, soft finish. It's this personalized attention to detail that makes every Westerly blanket a masterpiece of comfort.

The Finishing

We finish each and every Westerly blanket by hand, sewing in a velvet edging and trimming each piece to it’s final form.

Crafting a Westerly blanket demands exceptional skill and expertise. Our mill team’s mastery of this process is the cornerstone of our quality product that we love so much.

We are dedicated to delivering a cozy, warm and lightweight blanket that will last a lifetime.